Wednesday, 13 January 2010


I went through a phase where I was ordering lots of bento goodies from One thing I purchased which I had never used before is this Easy Gyoza/Dumpling Maker. It was a very happy coincidence that between me ordering the gyoza maker and it arriving, I read this post from Jackie's Bento Blog where she gives her recipe for homemade gyozas.

I've been reading through quite a few bento related blogs over the past few months and I'm always on the lookout for easy and new ways to expand the contents of my bento. One of my favourites so far are the potato oyaki.

Making (and eating, for that matter) gyoza is new to me. It's quite funny actually, how I can be unfamiliar with so many things that are very common to a cuisine that I eat quite often. I have an idea about how these are supposed to turn out and I think mine may have been somewhat less than skillfully assembled, but I'll get better.

One of the reasons that this recipe appealed to me is that Jackie cooked her gyoza filling prior to assembling. She chooses to make it this way so she can minimise the fat content in her finished parcels, but I liked it because it means there is less risk of the filling not being completely cooked if I mess up the final steam/fry. Anything to reduce the fat content is good too.

They are pretty tasty, but I think that they do taste best freshly steamed and then crisped up in a small frypan with a little bit of sesame oil. They weren't quite as interesting a few hours later in my bento, but they were still very satisfying.

I also bought a few more yum cha-style goodies to try out whether they would be destined for future bentos. Below is a steamed BBQ pork bun, some prawn wontons and some pork steamed dumplings. I didn't like the steamed pork bun, but the prawn wontons and the dumplings were a winner, except the wontons don't keep their crispiness very well during travel, so I ate them all while I was home sick.

See this post over at Jackie's Bento Blog for the recipe.

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  1. I'm definitely a fan of gyoza steamed then crisped up with seasme oil too!