Wednesday, 25 July 2007

In need of comfort food

I'm still feeling a little precious and really wanted something warm and soothing to eat. And since I have this big shelf of cheese in the fridge waiting to be eaten, something cheesy too.
Say cheese!

So macaroni and cheese it was, from Giada De Laurentiis' Everyday Italian. I didn't follow the measurements of cheeses exactly, because I added Provolone as well, and I halved the recipe. It's very yum, but very very rich - I had a small plate for lunch and I can barely get through it. If ever there was a dish that just screams to be lightened by having a side salad, this is it.

The filling came out very very runny, and after reading the comments on the Food Network site it seems that there should have been 2 tablespoons of flour in the mix, rather than 2 teaspoons of flour. I've made a mental note for next time. Although even 2 tablespoons would give a runny mix, I halved the mixture but forgot to halve the flour, so added two teaspoons. I don't think an extra teaspoon (assuming three teaspoons to a tablespoon) would have been enough to thicken it. It must just be a runny dish.

Anyway, small plate is gone, and I am now feeling very very full. I don't want comfort food anymore... I want some nice light noodles!!! (Not right now, for dinner later)

mmm.. cheesy

mmm fattening (that's a saucer, by the way)

While I was at my local fruit shop/deli today, they had these awesome packets of mini breads. I was so excited, because I'm the only one in this household that eats bread and I love my ciabattas and turkish breads and sourdoughs, but whenever I buy a loaf it never gets finished and it sits around going stale. And there is only so many packets of home-made breadcrumbs one can have in one's freezer. I bought a packet of mini paninis and a packet of mini turkish breads. I'll keep a couple out and freeze the rest! Yay!

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