Wednesday, 1 August 2007

long time no post

I've been busy at work and our internet has been funny and all these other excuses have stopped me posting, but I've still been cooking, so prepare for some catchup posts!

I bought a packet of Creative Gourmet's frozen fruit salad just for some nice light snacks/breakfasts. Here it is with a dollop or two of King Island Dairy Gourmet Vanilla Bean yohurt - my most favourite yoghurt ever! - and some fresh strawberries.

sorry for the dark picture

I bought a copy of Hugo Arnold's Wagamama Ways With Noodles cookbook, and broke it in by making Five Spice Beef with Rice Noodles, substituting beef with chicken and rice noodles with egg noodles. It was wonderful - I love five spice.

Unfortunately, DD was working lates when I made this, and only ate lunch at 3pm so he refused to even try it. He missed out.

Last weekend we visited the Jan Powers Farmers' Market in New Farm. I love these markets, and drag DD there every second and fourth Saturday. I love the fresh fruits and vegetables and herbs, and the fresh pasta and the wonderful strawberries and the Dello Mano brownies and the cheeses and the German sausages and everything else! They also have beautiful looking fresh seafood, which DD won't go near (it smells, apparently). This weekend I ignored him and bought 1kg of beautiful fresh Tasmanian mussels. I've never cooked any mussels before, especially not ones that require preparation. But, Nigella came to the rescue, as her recipe for Thai Flavoured Mussels had a fairly comprehensive how-to.

Yummy, low fat goodness!

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