Thursday, 10 January 2008

Christmas Part 1: The Cake

I know that Christmas was a few weeks ago, but what better way to relive the fun than by blogging about it later?

Christmas this year was nice and quiet, just DD and me and my mother who came down from Cairns. My Mum loves food and cooking too, and since my love of food and cooking only developed since I've lived away from home, we really never had a chance to play together so I was very excited to show her the markets and the delis and all the places we like to go to.

Needless to say, with two women who love cooking in the house, DD got very spoiled.

He requested this Coffee and Chocolate Meringue Cake which I found one day while browsing through the UKTV Food website. It was one of their videos, and I thought it looked awesome. It was terribly rich and decadent, so I've only made it twice since I found it 2 years ago. DD must have liked it, because it was what he chose for his Christmas dessert.

It's very simple in theory, just a layered cake of meringue and chestnut/coffee cream. First make a typical meringue mix, with some cocoa folded in with the cornflour at the end and bake in a swiss roll tin. Whenever I make this cake, I can never get the meringues to be nice and flat and of a consistent thickness. Once the meringue is cooked and cooled, cut it into three equal strips. I can never do this evenly either, so I always end up with a rather lopsided cake.

To make the filling, just combine some coffee, chestnut puree and some double cream, then layer! Meringue, cream, meringue, cream, meringue and cream.

Very yum. It's nicer too if it's eaten next day (in my opinion, you do lose a little of the freshness of the meringue though). You might be able to compromise and just make the cream filling the day before. I made it all on Christmas Eve, we were too full to eat it on Christmas Day, and so it didn't get tasted until Boxing Day. It was still good though.

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