Saturday, 26 January 2008

Cream Patisserie Boulangerie

I recently started reading The Poison Doughnut blog and I love reading the blog of another Brisbane foodie.

Apart from bowing down before their List of specialty and gourmet food stores and delis in Brisbane (sorted by suburb!), I also loved reading about the various restaurants and coffee shops that I've never been to.

One of these was Cream Patisserie Boulangerie at Coorparoo. We wandered out there the first Saturday after reading the review.

Cream is a small cafe/patisserie on a stylish stretch of Cavendish Road. It's fairly small, with its pastry range on display in the front window. It's mainly outside seating, there is only four or so tables in the relatively narrow inside area. We didn't stay to eat or drink, ordering 2 Spanish-style hot chocolates and four pastries to take away.

The barista warned us that the hot chocolates were quite thick and rich and offered to tame them a little bit, however we told her it wasn't necessary. The service was wonderful. She was lovely and friendly and quick, even though they were very busy and she seemed to be on her own. We've been back again (for more takeaway) since this visit and received wonderful service from another staff member, too.

The hot chocolates were an eye-opener to those of us used to the chocolate-flavoured warm milk that you get so often. It was as thick as YoGo, and you almost wanted to chew it as you drank it. It was decadently delightful, but I couldn't even get close to finishing mine.

I tried taking some photos to show how thick this was, but I don't think they do the drink any justice. Just remember that the drink tasted much better than my photos make it look!

We also bought the four pastries that you see in the first photo. Two chocolate eclairs and two mini chocolate fudge cakes. I didn't end up tasting the fudge cake, but DD assures me it was good, but it was nothing compared to the eclair. I did taste the eclair, and I agree with DD - it was awesome! Lovely light pastry, beautiful creamy filling and thick chocolate coating. We bought these again on our return visit, but learned a valuable lesson: don't try and eat a whole one in one sitting. The richness gets too much. The first time we had half with our hot chocolates and saved the other half for later. It was the perfect way to enjoy these, twice!

Cream Coorparoo
Shop 3, Cavendish Central
380 Cavendish Rd
Ph 07 3324 2713

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  1. Just saw this post- thanks for your kind words!!
    Yeah that list took me quite a while, but it was so worth it!!
    Glad you liked Cream. Have added you to my Brisbane blog list.