Sunday, 10 February 2008

Playing with my food (photography)

DD has been teaching me a little bit on how to use our Canon SD110 compact digital camera, so I can take better pictures of my food. I was practicing this morning on a Classic Belgium Chocolate brownies from Dello Mano which DD bought from the markets yesterday.

This one was pretty much a point and shoot job, using manual macro mode and no flash.

For this one and the top photo I played with my focus. I like the top one the best because it shows the detail of the brownie, but I like the positioning of the one above. If I could have gotten the level of detail in the picture above, it would have been perfect. I think the little bit of distance between the box and the brownie really ensured that the brownie had centre stage in the picture, and allowed me to get the ribbon in too.

It was fun!! The pictures can only get better! My next task - not that I'm even close to mastering this one yet - is to find or make somewhere I can take my pictures or set up for my pictures that doesn't have a miscellaneous background. Do you like my bookcase and pedestal fan?

And here's a grilled cheese sandwich for more practice

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