Saturday, 9 February 2008

Saturday BBQ

We had a few friends over this afternoon for a Saturday afternoon BBQ. We tried to have a picnic last weekend, but the rain meant we all ended up picnic-ing in the living room. This week, we tried for a BBQ after we went to the park so the guys could have a few turns in the batting cages. Unfortunately, it was 34 degrees celcius outside and since our BBQ is in full sun, it was a little hot. So we ended up in the living room again, playing SingStar and Guitar Hero on the PS2.
Lunch was three types of sausages: beef and guiness, beef and bacon and regular BBQ sausage and beautiful rump steak kebabs. Our two salads were a simple Caesar and Binny's Pumpkin and Asparagus salad (minus the asparagus) with some store bought pasta salad and tabouli.

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