Friday, 21 March 2008

Kuta Cafe at Mt Coot-tha

This morning we went to Mt Coot-tha for some exploring. It's been quite some time since DD and I have been to the lookout. In fact, the last time was during the weekend that I first met DD, so it was a little nostalgic. For me, anyway.

We stopped for breakfast at the Kuta Cafe. We weren't expecting them to be open, but we were very happy they were as it was a fantastic meal enjoyed by both of us.

They have a very simple breakfast menu with the only options being bacon and eggs, ham and cheese croissant, muffins, raison toast or a Devonshire tea with prices ranging from $3.90 for the muffins to $18.90 for the Kuta breakfast combo. They have a great array of gourmet paninis, and light meals for lunches and dinner also available.

DD and I both went for the Kuta breakfast combo for $18.90 (or $20.80, there's a 10% surcharge on public holidays). This is a huge plate of fried eggs, bacons, mushrooms, tomato, hash browns and toast with your choice of tea or coffee (or hot chocolate, in my case) and fresh orange juice.

Unfortunately for the little mushrooms sauteed lightly in garlic and butter, DD and I both don't like mushrooms and these were left behind. DD hates tomatoes, so he added his tomato to the mushrooms.

The rest of the meal was delicious. The fried eggs were cooked to perfection with the whites just set and the yolk oozingly runny when you pierce it. The hash browns were beautifully crispy with a fluffy inside and there was not a speck of oil to be seen. The bacon was lightly cooked, which is how I like it. I'm not a crispy bacon fan. The bread was lightly toasted, with a crisp outer coat but still with a soft inside, perfect for soaking up the juices. All together, it was wonderful and we are already planning on going back.

The juice was orange juice from Daily Juice, my favourite orange juice. It came in a huge cup too - it was a giant juice. DD's cappucino was, in his words, "not too bad, I would drink again". My hot chocolate was lovely, nice and chocolatey without being too rich.

There were only a few people there, but the service was exceptionally fast. We got our juices straight away, our hot drinks soon after and our meals after a nice pause to enjoy our coffee/hot chocolate. The view (see the first photo) was wonderful, the day was flawless and the whole experience was really enjoyable and relaxing.

I found this review from The Courier Mail after our visit and they had quite a bit to say about the breakfast, and it wasn't particularly favourable. I'm pleased to say that we found that we found nothing inedible about our breakfast, so perhaps it varies on the day. That being said, we enjoyed ours so much we'll risk going back.

Kuta Cafe at Brisbane Lookout
Sir Samuel Griffith Dr
Mt Coot-tha
Ph 07 3367 2568

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