Saturday, 29 March 2008

Pecan pie

While I was butchering a family recipe for the Torta Meringata con Mele, I was actually doing another family recipe justice with this Pecan Pie.

At work, I share an office with K and A. This recipe is K's favourite cake/pie - her mother makes it for birthdays and celebrations and she had told A and I all about how wonderful it was. A told her that she needed to bring one in so that we could verify her claims and on her last birthday she did so. It was the most intriguing thing I have ever tasted. It had an almost crispy, crunchy base like nothing I had ever tasted and it was decadently topped with lashings of whipped cream. It didn't have a dough base (thank goodness for me) and it wasn't buttery or creamy or custardy or anything else I'd expect from a normal pecan pie. It also lived up to everything K had ever said about it, so I immediately asked if her mother would be willing to give me the recipe.

It took a few months, but K's mother did send through the recipe. I haven't asked if I can post it, so unfortunately I won't be sharing it until I get permission.

K was managing a major project which had its last (and arguably biggest) milestone over the Easter weekend, so I made the pie for her to celebrate the success if everything went well or to give her a nice surprise if it didn't. As it happened, it did succeed, but I think she got a nice surprise anyway.

I warned her beforehand not to be too disappointed if it didn't taste like her mother's, but apparently I did quite well and it lived up to the title of the recipe: Food for the Gods!

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