Saturday, 19 April 2008

Foodie morning: Broadway Markets, Chinatown, Rosalie Market

Today, DD and I had a happy foodie morning. First up was a visit to the Broadway Growers' Markets for some top quality fruit and vegetables at the cheapest prices. I always get really excited when you've filled two green shopping bags with vegetables and still only spent $20.

Next we had a quick stop in Chinatown for a stroll around the markets and a visit to Yuen's and Burlington's. I love Yuen's and I wish I didn't feel so self-conscious looking in there. I think it's because everything is quite closed in, and you feel like you are in someone's way while you marvel at the range of rice vinegars. DD doesn't like Yuen's at all, because he thinks it smells like fish. Sometimes I agree with him, the smell can get quite overwhelming at times.

Burlington's, on the other hand, is quite friendly to the foodie explorer. There are wide aisles and pretty accurate price tickets helping those who need their information spelled out for them. It also has a fantastic selection. I needed more cooking sake and I wanted some dashi and found them easily (not that they are tricky ingredients to find elsewhere, but still!). DD stocked up on tomato sauce chips. I wanted to try some ramen noodles, because all the bloggers (well, two) are raving about them at the moment and I've never tried them. Does anyone have a favourite brand of packet ramen noodles?

Our final stop was the Rosalie Gourmet Market for their olive oil spectacular. I've never been here before, and I was in deli heaven. There was a section with fresh fruit and vegetables, another section with herbs and spices and nuts (including a selection of spices from Herbie's), another with gourmet pastas, sauces and oils, then around the corner there's a section of kitchenware, then a fridge of cheese wheels, then a freezer of frozen meals, then a patisserie and heaps and heaps of breads (I was so excited) and then a deli of meats and cheeses and down the middle is a huge selection of sweets and cookbooks. There's more too!

I found some golden caster sugar here, I've never seen it before. I also found a can of baking spray, a combination of oil and flour used to grease baking pans. I must admit to not being a fan of greasing baking dishes. I much prefer cooking, where you can just spray the dish with olive oil. I try to remember to save my butter wrappers so I don't have to get my hands dirty, but I always end up ripping them and never do. So, this was very cool. Well, I hope it's very cool, as it was $17.

I was exploring the kitchenware section when DD disappeared. I found him at the patisserie ordering a Mars Bar slice. He quite happily went off to find me a basket when I asked him, and then he continued to earn his boyfriend points by waiting in the (long) line while I bought some ciabatta and a mini almond croissant. I was distracted from the line by a tasting plate of Tarago triple cream brie. It was the most wonderful brie I had ever tasted and after having some of it for lunch I am really glad I bought a wedge on impulse. DD went for double in the boyfriend points category by picking up some limes while waiting in line. I love limes, you see.

Unfortunately, DD lost a lot of those boyfriend points when he didn't want to go to Paniyiri, because it will be "too busy". I really want to go, so I'm a little upset.

DD said that it seems like all these deli/market places have the same things, so wherever you go things always seem the same. I disagreed, and said that while each place may stock similiar goods, the differences where in the variety. Some places have a small range, others have a large range, and the exciting part is when they have everything that you like in one deli. I haven't quite found this deli yet, but I think Rosalie has come the closest.

DD has just finished his Mars Bar slice and enjoyed it so much that he's happy to go again. I can't say that I'm sad about that.

Rosalie Gourmet Market
Corner of Nash St and Baroona Rd
ph 07 3876 6222


  1. About the ramens.... yes I definitely have my favourites!

    Will have to try that golden sugar.

  2. Thanks Pinky. I should have known to check your blog, there's nothing it (and you) doesn't know!