Tuesday, 15 July 2008


One of the major competitors with Chimi's was the burger restaurant Grill'd. Grill'd promises to deliver delicious, healthy burgers using only the highest quality, freshest ingredients. As you can see from their bags, they are healthy burgers! In fact, they aren't that bad really. A Simply Grill'd burger with herbed mayo (grilled 100% lean beef - the patties are 95% fat free, salad, relish) is only 537 calories. You can cut that down to 453 calories but omitting the mayonnaise.

Since experiencing Chimi's burgers, I discovered that I loved a burger with a nice strong cheese, a tasty sometimes tangy relish and a good mayonnaise or aioli. That combination really worked well for me and now I'm spoiled for a plain sauce burger. I was excited to see that Grill'd also embraced the relish/mayonnaise combo and I asked DD if we could try it.

We went down the restaurant in Bulimba to find it absolutely packed. It was crazy busy, almost overwhelmingly so. We were able to place our order immediately, but we had to hide behind the door to wait. Despite the crowds, it was only 15-20 minutes for our order to be ready. The next time we visited we called our order ahead and that was a much better plan.

I ordered a Simply Grill'd burger with tasty cheese ($8.90) and DD chose the Crispy Bacon and Cheese ($9.90). You can choose between white or wholemeal rolls or a panini. The buns are freshly baked daily and are low in sugar. We also ordered a regular size hot chips which come sprinkled in a Grill'd herb mix.

The burgers were awesome. They were fresh and flavourful and all the different flavours really came through. The meat patty is amazing, you could eat it on its own it's that tasty. The chips were a little overcooked for me, but DD liked them and the herb sprinkle.

We thought both of the burgers were great and they went a long way to soothe the ache that Chimi's closure had left in DD's heart (well, not really - but they will be a good substitute). Grill'd also has a wide range of chicken, lamb and vegie burgers if you're not in the mood for beef.

Grill'd Bulimba
124 Oxford St
Ph 07 3359 3888
(lots of other locations, check

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  1. We had Grill'd last friday for lunch and my goodness, those burgers were AWESOME! Many enjoyable minutes devouring the Summer Sunset. TT thought he could make a better burger and rated it only a 6 out of 10. I thought it was an 8. Purple Gorilla next!