Tuesday, 22 July 2008

New mixer

After the death of my Sunbeam Mixmaster (which never mixed properly anyway), I have traded up. I was tossing up about getting a Kitchenaid, but I just couldn't come to terms with paying that much for a mixer. Of course, it was my inability to see that you pay for what you get with these things that meant while I saved a bit of money paying only $100 for the Sunbeam, here I am replacing it 7 months later.

I was reading through the reviews on Choice.com.au and saw that the Kenwood mixers were actually rated higher than the Kitchenaid. In fact, so was a Breville, which I found quite surprising. I had a look around keeping everything in mind and decided that I really didn't want to spend more than $350 on a mixer. If the $350 one breaks down 7 months from now I'm going to be a lot crankier though. In the end I bought a Kenwood Patissier.

The Kenwood is worlds away from the Sunbeam. I'm not having to stand over it and force the mixture up into the beaters because there is a good 2 cm of air between the beaters and the bottom of the bowl. It's so much quieter too! I want to buy the splashguard but I can't find the one for this particular mixer. Does anybody know which one fits the Pattisier?

I made biscuits to celebrate. I've never had butter and sugar creamed that well before...

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