Thursday, 3 July 2008

Victoire Bakery Balmain

While we were on a return visit to Adriano Zumbo we made a quick dash across the road to the Victoire Bakery, which is another place that is supposed to make great sourdough - in fact, they make sourdough rolls for Qantas first class meals. It's a lovely unassuming little store, with beautiful cakes in the windows and bread lining the walls. I was conscious that we were returning to Brisbane in two days and I didn't want to buy a loaf that I wasn't going to eat, so I tried three little levain rolls and one palmier.

One of the levain rolls did not live to see the photo.

I loved the levain rolls, they were beautifully crusty on the outside with a relatively soft lightly flavoured centre. They were delightfully chewy too. It was stunning, I wish I could have more!

I hear that French sourdoughs are much milder in flavour than their American counterparts so perhaps my earlier experience with sourdough from St Honore may have been due to the starter they used? I am not sure.

The palmier was very cool. I have never had one before, but I've got a few recipes for them saved in my bookmarks and always wanted to make them. Now that I've tried one, I really want to make them. They were flakey and light with a lovely sweet glaze.

Victoire Bakery
285 Darling St
Balmain, NSW
Ph 02 9818 5529

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