Monday, 22 September 2008


I've been living in Brisbane for a few years now and I've never been to the Ekka. Last year, I said that 2008 will be the year I go to the Ekka and it was indeed.

We went on the afternoon of the final day. We were really only interested in the food hall and the animals, so it wasn't really a full day, but it was fun.

DD liked trying all the different hot sauces, we had some Dippin' Dots ice cream and a toasted cheese sandwich from the Dairy Farmer's stand. I found a beautiful semi-sweet wine that I liked and Mum enjoyed trying some of the spice mixes available. It was like a lovely little teaser about what we'll see at the Good Food and Wine Show in November.

I also got to try the famed strawberry ice cream (see above). Luckily, it lived up to its hype. It was really good. The nicest, creamiest strawberry ice cream I've ever tasted and I loved the surprise of fresh strawberries at the bottom of the cone.

We had a lovely day and it was very nice, but I don't think it is worth the entry fee. We were lucky and had some free tickets, so we only had to pay for 1 entry. I don't think that it would be worth the entry fee if we'd had to pay full price. Still, I'm glad I got to go.

I leave you with a picture of some llamas, because llamas are awesome.

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