Friday, 3 October 2008

Vegetables for Bento

More bento vegetables! Clockwise from top left: Japanese potato salad, French green beans with carrot and ginger, Stir-fried cabbage with garlic and balsamic vinegar (minus cranberries) and carrot kinpira.

The beans and cabbage were first time tries and while the beans are awesome, the cabbage was less so. I much prefer my cabbage fresh in a salad and I'm not really all that much a fan of balsamic as a dominant flavour, so I didn't really go in for this.

I mentioned in my last bento vegetables post that DD really liked the carrot kinpirra. This time he came over to have a look and he asked if I could make him a bento box too. I warned him that his bento would have vegetables in it and said he had to try some of the beans and potato salad to see if he liked them. He agreed, so I made him a tasting plate (including a little onigiri with some chicken that I made for him specially while making my tuna ones).

He ate everything on his tasting plate and said he liked them all. I was so excited that I served up some beans and carrots with our steak dinner that night. The only down side to this was that my big batch of vegetables which was supposed to last me all week was all gone by Tuesday. It was worth it though, DD really liked his bento, we both ate an awful lot of vegetables and I've found some more easy recipes to lunchtime bento.

I also made some tuna salad rice sandwiches for lunches.

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