Saturday, 6 December 2008

Another visit to Verve

Wow! Talk about procrastination. We visited Verve again (I love that place) maybe three weeks ago and I'm only blogging about it now. Please excuse the slightly out-of-date posts that will be popping up, I've been really busy with work and stuff. Excuses excuses!!!!

We started the evening with some Herb Bread ($4.90) and some Pan Bread (kalamata olive, sea salt, basil, bocconcini $4.90). I do love these breads, they are lovely and flavourful. Last time we visited, DD and I preferred the Herb Bread, this time I don't think I could pick a favourite, both of them were amazing.

For mains, my mother chose a Freshly Seared Atlantic Salmon on a Pear, Rocket and Parmesan Salad. The salmon was perfectly cooked and tasted fabulous, and I really like the combination of pear rocket and parmesan. Mum's only complaint about this one was that it was slightly over-dressed for her liking. She wished she had asked for dressing on the side as towards the end of her dish she had sad little parmesan flakes drowned in the bottom of her plate - so badly waterlogged (dressing-logged?) that we thought they could have been burghal. Although the last bits were slightly underwhelming, on the whole Mum really enjoyed this.

DD chose to have a pizza for his main. The Ham Pizza ($15.90) has salami, ham, olives, mushroom and mozzarella but I believe he asked for his sans mushrooms. It was a lovely pizza, base nicely cooked and just chewy enough, generous toppings and tasty sauce. He even let me taste it twice, just to be sure.

For my main I chose the Lobster and Snapper Risotto (diced Roma tomato, zest of lemon, fresh thyme, cream), as I loved the Sandcrab and Snapper Risotto I had last time. I have to say that I felt that the lobster didn't really come out in this dish, and I vastly preferred the sandcrab version. The lobster got lost, the flavour wasn't there. I felt that this dish needed seasoning to give it something. Last time there was no need for anything to be added as all the flavours worked really well together to make the dish.

I still really enjoyed it apart from thyme stems that I found sprinkled throughout the dish. I have to say that I'm a big believer that if it's pointy and can't be eaten, don't put it in the dish! The fishbone sized twigs really detracted from the smooth creaminess risotto is supposed to be.

We still very much enjoyed our visit and I can definately see us going back. The service is wonderfully friendly and helpful, they are such lovely people. Good food and great service.

Verve Cafe
109 Edward St
Ph: 3221 5691


  1. I saw David's kosher salt at Pennisi today.

  2. Thanks Rabbit Sim! They also have it at the Carindale IGA. I've stocked up.

    It's funny, because six months ago you couldn't find it anywhere.