Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Brisbane Good Food and Wine Show 2008 - Sunday

DD came with me for the final day of the Good Food and Wine Show. Our Sunday visit was very organised. I had a list of all the things I wanted to see again and the few things that I wanted to buy. DD wanted to have a look around, so we tried to do it in a logical pattern so we didn't miss anything. It worked too! We got to see everything we wanted to and didn't feel that we were missing things. We did double back a few times, but mostly it was a very organised visit.

We stumbled across Ainsley Harriott doing a book signing, and I couldn't resist stalker-snapping this photo.

Alastair McLeod in the Celebrity Theatre - Sunday

I was really looking forward to Alastair's show. I love the dishes he cooks on Ready Steady Cook, I love seafood, I really want to go to Brett's Wharf, I very much enjoyed his MC'ing at the previous shows... I had high expectations. The recipes he prepared were wonderful, I wanted to try quite a few of them.

The problem was that he seemed really nervous about the whole thing. He lost his natural engagement. It was quite strange, as it was nothing like what you see of him on TV, or even before the other shows. His interaction with his audience member helper was a bit off as well (I don't think that was his fault though). Now, I am slightly prudish but I did feel that some of the things that were being said were just a little bit on the wrong side of line. It was a bit off-putting for me.

So, I was a little disappointed. I probably was expecting too much and that makes my disappointment my own fault, but I was still disappointed. I was even more disappointed because Alastair said that if we emailed him he would send us the recipes. I did email him, as soon as I got home, and haven't gotten a reply. I thought he would be better than that, actually. You don't just say something and then not follow through. I appreciate that he is busy, but then don't offer to do something if you're not going to do it! It's a pity, because the food he cooked looked fabulous.

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