Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Dinner at the Pineapple Hotel Steakhouse

My mother and sister came down for a visit recently and we decided to try someplace new to eat. We've heard great things about the Pineapple Hotel Steakhouse and we were eager to see if it lived up to the hype.

My sister had decided to go and spend time with friends rather than going out to dinner with us boring folk, so it was just going to be three of us for dinner. We made our booking, and then she called and said that she wanted to be picked up before we ate but it meant that we couldn't make our initial reservation. We called the Pineapple, and they happily changed our booking from three to four people and made it half an hour later. Then my sister changed her mind again, and we ended up being three people but we couldn't eat at the later time as then we wouldn't be able to pick her up on time. We called them back and they (again) happily changed our booking.

DD thinks that the only reason they were so happy to oblige our changes was because the restaurant wasn't all that busy, and we probably could have turned up without a reservation and everything would have been fine. For whatever reason it was that they were so patient with our changes, it doesn't really matter. They were very nice.

Anyway, when we finally got there we were shown to a very nice but very dark table, so I apologise for the bad photos.

We decided to forgo an entree as we were on a tight timeframe as we did have to collect my sister, so we just ordered mains.

The steakhouse has an impressive steak menu. DD and I chose the MSA Eye Fillet - farm direct, grass raised, grain finished beef - while mum went for the Darling Downs Wagyu Rump - grainfed for 350 days and rich in marbling.

You can choose your sides, be it chips or potato, salad or vegies and your choice of sauce. I chose garlic butter, DD chose dianne and mum had mushroom. I also added some garlic prawns onto mine.

400g Wagyu Rump with mushroom sauce, chips and vegetables

200g MSA Eye Fillet with dianne sauce, chips and salad

200g MSA Eye Fillet with garlic prawns reef topping, garlic butter, chips and salad.

While we were waiting to order we noticed that the steaks cooked medium rare were very pink. I love my meat medium rare, but not too rare, so we all upgraded our steaks. Mum and I went medium, DD went medium-well. They came out cooked to perfection, exactly how we liked them.

The steaks weren't the only things cooked well. The chips were lovely and crispy, with the perfect crispy outside to soft inside ratio. The salad dressing was fantastic too, it was a pity that I didn't have enough room to eat it all!!

Next time we are going to make a few changes. DD and I both preferred Mum's wagyu rump to our eye fillet. It was much juicier and had a nicer flavour. I would try the dianne sauce next time, the garlic butter was just too much.

It was a fantastic meal and we all enjoyed it very much. The staff were friendly and helpful, it was a great night.

The Pineapple Hotel
706 Main Street
Kangaroo Point QLD 4169
Ph 3393 1111

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