Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Mmm Pizza

We bought some fantastic pizza bases from the Jan Powers Farmers' Market and were hoarding them in the freezer for a special occasion. D is very particular about ham on his pizzas, it needs to be good quality stuff for him to enjoy a pizza, so this special occasion was a large quantity of yummy, D-approved ham.

D loves satay sauce on his pizza, whereas I'm more into the tomato sauce base, so we tend to make two. This also means leftovers for lunch the next day. We kept it plain for the most part, D's with satay sauce, red onion, ham, mild salami and a mozzarella/cheddar cheese blend and mine the same but with tomato sauce and some feta.

The bases are awesome. They don't go crunchy like so many thinner bases and they aren't doughy like the thicker ones. They are great.

It's a pity our freezer is so small, because I'd love to have some of these in there all the time.

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