Saturday, 30 May 2009

Uncle Ben's Express Rice

Do you know the ad where the guy hears his wife coming home, so he jumps up and puts some Uncle Ben's Express Rice in the microwave, cooks some salmon and maybe cream(?) in a pan and has a meal ready before the wife gets upstairs?

Well, I've never really paid too much attention to that ad until I came down with a rather severe sinus/throat infection which meant all I wanted to eat was warm soft creamy/starchy foods and I wanted to eat what he made. Oddly enough, I couldn't find the ad online and it hasn't been on TV since I decided I wanted to make it. So, I emailed Uncle Ben's (or Masterfoods, as it turns out) and asked for the recipe. The response was:

"The commercial was produced by an agency in the United Kingdom and unfortunately we are unable to obtain. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you"

Okay, that's fair enough - but it's only like four ingredients and I want to try and make it!!! Does anyone else pay attention to ads who can tell me what this Uncle Ben's guy is cooking?

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