Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Donna Hay Chocolate Chunk Cookie Mix

I was a little disappointed with these, I have to say. They just didn't quite measure up to what I was hoping for. The cookies were dry but not crispy and they had a flavour that wasn't quite packet-mix but wasn't quite right. They were nice cookies, but something didn't quite work.

Despite this, D wanted to try the Triple Chocolate Chunk Cookie Mix so we gave that a whirl. When I was mixing everything together the mix was dry and crumbly, much like the chocolate chunk cookies. I didn't want the triple chocolate cookies to turn out like their less-chocolate brothers, so I added another egg. When that didn't give me the consistency I was looking for, I added some vegetable oil. That gave me a more scoopable cookie mixture and did increase the cooking time substantially, but the end product was so much better. Instead of a dry, crumbly cookie it was a cakey, fudgy chocolate present.

It's possible that a dry and crumbly cookie was what Donna was aiming for, but I found the chocolate chunk cookies to be messy and the flavour was off. The adapted triple chocolate cookies tasted fantastic and the texture was perfect for me. They were road tested on D and my co-workers and the triple chocolate cookies were the favourite by far. In fact, D liked them so much he bought me another packet and told me to make them again, but I had to leave a decent number of cookies at home (normally I take everything to work so we don't eat it all).

If we do decide to make $12 biscuits again, I might try substituting the vegetable oil with a little less melted butter and see what that does. Experimentation is fun (but in this case, quite expensive).

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