Saturday, 3 October 2009

Grand Taj Indian Restaurant Carindale

I had a hankering for some takeaway Indian food recently, the first time since we have been in the new house (more than a year!). There are a few Indian restaurants in the new (ish) area, but we decided to give the Grand Taj Indian Restaurant a try after hearing some good reviews.

D isn't keen on eating out at restaurants. He would much prefer to get takeaway and enjoy it at home, so that's what we did.

Dinner was a serving of butter chicken, lamb korma and some garlic naan on the side. I'm a little bit sensitive to heat, so we went for mild on both dishes. The lady serving us informed us that most people can handle medium. I wasn't that confident and D was a little disappointed. (Note: the next time we visited we did get medium and it was too hot for me). The heat level in the mild was non-existent, but the flavour was awesome!

The butter chicken was, according to the menu, cooked with tomatoes, ground almonds and spices in a smooth gravy, finished with cream. It was more tomatoey than some of the others I've tasted, but it really worked. It added a complexity to the dish.

The lamb korma (diced lamb with yoghurt, ground almond meal and cream) was very nice. I have memories of some awesome lamb korma dishes that I tasted when I first moved to Brisbane but I can't remember where they were from, so I like to order lamb korma in the hope I can get the spicy creamy lamb curry I remember. This wasn't as creamy and the spices weren't quite as harmonious as my ideal lamb korma, but I still really enjoyed it.

While I can't remember exactly how much this meal cost, the Grand Taj isn't one of our budget restaurants, however the quality was fantastic and the servings were extremely generous.

Grand Taj Indian Restaurant
Shop 10, Metropol Stage II
Corner of Creek & Pine Mountain Rds
Carindale 4152
Ph: 3343 8881

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