Saturday, 21 November 2009

Matt Preston's dream kitchen

I found an article by Matt Preston over at the The Age in which he details his dream kitchen. This fantasy includes a walk-in pantry and a scullery of TARDIS-like (or batcave) proportions to house all of his kitchen appliances.

I know how it feels to dream of something like that. In our tiny rental kitchen, the only place to store appliances in the kitchen is on top of the cupboards. The few cupboards that we do have aren't deep enough to fit the slow cooker or the wok or the breadmaker. It looks terrible and cluttered, but there isn't anywhere else to put them. And that's just the appliances that aren't used everyday, the everyday appliances posed a much greater problem in our current kitchen. There is only one countertop (well, two if you count the sink) and it's extremely small. There's also only one powerpoint and it's next to the sink. This is where our toaster, kettle and coffee maker live, squished together in the counterspace between the fridge and the sink which is only 30cm wide.

We actually went out and bought more cupboards to try and expand our storage. These cupboards became my pantry, but I dream of a walk in pantry... or even a bigger cupboard. Or two. When we moved into this place I just gave the kitchen a cursory glance because this house had all of our other requirements, but you don't realise just how important the kitchen can be. Next time, I'm looking at the kitchen far more closely.

This post wasn't meant to be a kitchen-bash. I really identified with Matt's writing and happily fantasised alongside him as he fitted out his perfect kitchen.

It's a very enjoyable read and can be found here.

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  1. Oh my goodness. I have the exact same problem. My kitchen is on one wall and our pantry is under the stairs! I have to have a pull out bench. One powerpoint and a very VERY small bench. I knew the kitchen would be an issue when I first moved in but the house is in the exact location we wanted so I made do. I dream of a customised kitchen- with a place for everything and everything in it's place. Bench space, a dishwasher.. sigh!