Sunday, 8 November 2009

Savoury Zucchini Muffins

August cooking (I'm starting to catch up!)

These muffins came about when I found a Campbell's Stock promo recipe posted on the Masterchef website and discovered that one of the fresh food stores we frequent had gorgeous looking cream cheese that I just had to try.

I like savoury muffins as they are a nice change from what I usually bake, but I don't tend to bake them very often. These ones were nice and easy, and were beautifully colourful to make.

All that was needed was to sift the flour and then combine it with the dry ingredients, zucchini, cheese and herbs and then stir in the wet ingredients and bake. Easy and so pretty! I still can't believe how pretty this recipe looked at every stage of baking. I did feel that these lacked in flavour somewhat. They really needed something else. I didn't particularly enjoy them "serve[d] warm with lashings of butter". However, my cream cheese was absolutely fantastic and was more than able to save the muffins. If I was to make this again I think I would experiment with more spices, either by increasing the mustard powder or adding something like cumin just to see if I could flesh out the savoury flavour.

I may have been a little disappointed with how these turned out, but my colleagues at work certainly were not. I brought the muffins, along with some cream cheese and smoked salmon, to morning tea and they were very well received.

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