Thursday, 10 December 2009

Pizza Bread

For Valentine's Day this year D took me out for dinner at the Roman Empire Restaurant. One of the dishes we really enjoyed were their trio of dips, not only because of the flavourful dips but also because of their yummy garlicy pizza bread.

I've never been able to recreate the pizza bread faithfully and I realised recently that it was because I was going about it the wrong way. While browsing the web recently I came across this recipe for pizza bread on the blog Not Made of Money.

It looked so easy with no extended rising times or multiple kneads. In case you couldn't tell, my preference has definately been for easier recipes lately. Simple is the key!!! Otherwise I end up having to rest halfway through and it's hard to be able to get back to it later. Anyway, this recipe looked so simple I tried it pretty much straight away.

It was awesome. The dough came together so easily and was so manageable and pliable. This is good, because I suck at rolling things out. I did pick up on some new techniques from the Good Food and Wine Show, so I may have to try this again to give them a go. My pizza bread was made in the abstract blob shape and spread with some crushed garlic before it went into the oven.

It came out perfectly. It was exactly the texture that I was looking for. The taste was pretty good too, but next time I will consider others and cut back on the amount of garlic. Just a little. I served these little pizza stars with some amazing store-bought hoummus. I'm serious, store-bought. I couldn't believe something so good came out of a packet. I was going to make my own, but after tasting that I'm just going to keep buying it. It was really good.

Since it takes less than 20 minutes to pull everything together for this pizza bread, I have made it again quite a few times. One time I even put toppings on it and had my first completely homemade pizza, but more on that later.

You must go to Not Made of Money and read this post here for the recipe. You should make it too, because it's that good.

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