Sunday, 11 April 2010

Breakfast at Ikea

My favourite lunch treat at the moment is Ikea meatballs with homemade spiced yoghurt served in a wrap or pita with baby spinach or rocket leaves and generally cucumber and/or tomato, depending on what else I have on hand. I cook a few meatballs in the microwave, the yoghurt is simply a tablespoon of low-fat Greek yoghurt (I'm loving Jalna at the moment) with some garlic powder, onion powder, ground cumin, ground coriander, paprika and salt and pepper. It makes the tastiest lunch wrap. It's so quick too!

Anyway, toward the end of last week I was keeping D well informed on my freezer meatball levels as we were quickly coming to the end of my bag. D very kindly agreed to take me to Ikea on Sunday morning to restock (we couldn't go on Saturday because he was finally going to get his hair cut!).

We have only recently discovered the fun of the Ikea restaurant. It's astonishingly cheap and it's quite tasty too. The cooked breakfast with sausage, bacon, egg, hash brown and tomato is only $2.95 and you can get a bowl of baked beans for an extra 50c. D likes to get a chocolate muffin as well, but that's $3. Refillable cups for coffee or hot chocolate are only $2.95! We had a huge breakfast and it cost under $13.00. Just what you need to get you prepared to take on the massiveness that is Ikea.

We have never been to the restaurant when it wasn't breakfast time and I really want to go back to try some normal food. We are working on this and hopefully I can try some of the other yummy things they have on offer soon.


  1. Interesting, the last time I went to the ikea restaurant was one Thursday late night shopping and the food was pretty average. But the brekky looks great, and cheap too!

    Defnitely will give you the energy to walk around ikea for the rest of the day :)

    P.s I didn't know that you could get ikea meatballs? Can you buy them to take home and cook now?

  2. I can do a pretty good knockup of the Ikea breakfast at home, but it would have to cost me about the same amount. It's nice basic breakfast food, but every time it's been really good. Very nice.

    Yes! You can buy the meatballs frozen from the Ikea food section after the registers. They are about $12 per kilo, but they are pretty awesome. Three minutes in the microwave, or thrown in some sauce and they are ready.