Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Mango Lassi

I bought two books from Doubleday's "Everything is half price!!" sale. One was Julie Goodwin's cookbook and the other was "Breakfast: Food Worth Getting Out of Bed For" by Greg Duncan Powell.

I'm not a good breakfast eater. I don't like typical breakfast foods. The combination of textures in cereal makes me feel ill. I do like toast, but I am extremely picky about what bread can be used. I confess that I would prefer to eat leftover dinner for breakfast any day.

I liked Greg's book because it looks at breakfasts around the world and through history and it had some intriguing alternatives to my standard breakfast of stuff on toast. Or eggs with toast. I do like eggs.

I have flagged so many recipes that I want to make, but so far I have only made one. I do enjoy the odd Boost Juice and I had made some half-hearted attempts to try and recreate the fruit smoothie sensation at home but had never really gotten past the buy the ingredients stage. Luckily, this book came while all the ingredients were still in the fridge and were ready to be made into a mango lassi.

I used mango from a jar and unfortunately, you could really taste it. Mine was also extremely thick, so I may have to adjust the quantities for the thickness of my yoghurt. Jar taste aside, it was really fresh and filling and there was heaps of potential for adaptations into something more smoothie-like.

Mango Lassi
adapted from Breakfast by Greg Duncan Powell

500g jarred mango pieces in natural juices
250ml milk
250g Greeg-style yoghurt
1/2 tbs sugar
8 ice cubes

Add all ingredients to a blender and blitz until smooth.

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