Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Oven-Dried Tomatoes and Garlic

These Oven-Dried Tomatoes and Garlic were more foodgawker inspired cooking. It was borne from late night foodgawker browsing where I thought that roasting a whole pile of tomatoes was an incredible idea, no matter that I had no further plan as to what to do with them once I'd finished with them.

I bought a lovely bag of roma tomatoes from the market and cut them into 3 thick slices. I sliced some cloves of garlic thinly and combined them with some olive oil, salt and pepper. The tomatoes were amazingly tasty just like this, but I tried to restrain myself so I could put some in the oven.

Our oven is terrible. I cooked the tomatoes for five hours in a low oven (but still higher than directed in the recipe). My tomatoes did not dry out much and retained a more semi-dried texture. The smell was incredible. The whole house smelled like roasted garlic all afternoon.

We had some of these chopped up and stirred through pasta for dinner. The tomatoes were wonderful, they were pure concentrated tomato flavour. I have tried these again to a lesser extent, on a higher heat for 40 minutes to blister and soften the tomatoes and then had them on toast with scrambled eggs.

See this post on Eat Real for the recipe.

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