Monday, 19 July 2010

Chocolate Malted Cupcakes

I love a good malt flavour. I love it in these cookies and these cookies, but I also just love a good cup of Ovaltine too.

I found this recipe for Chocolate Malted Cupcakes on Taste and Tell via foodgawker and had to give them a try. The cake itself is a lovely moist chocolate cake and the icing is just divine.

I filled my cupcake wrappers by transferring the cake mix to a jug and pouring. The recipe says to fill 3/4 full, but either my measurements were wrong (entirely possible) or my cake rose more than expected, I did have about half of the cupcakes come out with little domes. They rose unevenly too which I blame my oven for. The rest were perfect. I didn't mind because when I cut the domes off the offending cupcakes I kept them aside as a cook's treat.

I halved the recipe for the icing and still managed to ice about two-thirds of the batch. The rest of the cupcakes I frosted with a salted caramel frosting from

As much I love a good salted caramel, nothing can beat the original. They are ranked very high on my favourite cupcake list.

If you would like to try them yourself, see this post Chocolate Malted Cupcakes on Taste and Tell.

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