Saturday, 28 August 2010

Momofuku Roasted Corn with Miso Butter, Bacon and Roasted Onions

I am going to make a very very shocking statement. I think this recipe may just be my favourite in the entire Momofuku cookbook. It is incredible. Smoky, salty, sweet - amazing.

I used tinned corn kernals and I am unashamed. I love corn in all its forms, including in a can. In fact, using canned corn means that there's no excuse for having this dish all year round. Except, of course, for the butter and bacon but that's only if you listen to my arteries.

Diced bacon is cooked until it's just-before-crispy. Then the bacon must be protected at all times from D, as bacon cooked this way is his favourite, while you cook the corn. Add the bacon, some of the Momofuku roasted onions, Momofuku miso butter, salt and pepper and some Momofuku ramen broth until everything emulsifies and you have a saucepan of something akin to corn nirvana.

I hadn't made the ramen broth when I first made this dish, so I substituted bacon dashi. The flavour packed into the rest of the ingredients more than makes up for the lack of flavour in my dashi.

Chang vows that this particular dish will never again reappear on the menu at Momofuku Noodle Bar because the last time they ran it, he claims "[they] were a corn restaurant that just happened to sling some noodles on the side". Since you can't get the dish at Momofuku, you will just have to try it at home: Gourmet has posted the recipe here.

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