Sunday, 12 September 2010

Shopping my feelings

I'm a terrible emotional shopper. When things in life become hard to deal with, if I'm upset or stressed or confused I like to spend money. It's very much the act of shopping that is cathartic, once the goods get home I am often happy to let them sit in their bag. It can be a problem because we don't have a lot of disposable income and I am a danger to everybody with a credit card. D has tried to curb my reckless spending by suggesting that I freeze my credit cards in a block of water so they aren't easily accessible and we have both agreed that I have a set amount of "pocket money" each week. Luckily, I'm just as happy shopping recklessly in the dollar-shops as I am in other places.

I am a massive fan of peanut butter and chocolate. I love the way the two work together. Reese's products are my dream candy bar. I had my first miniature peanut butter cup a little while ago and I was sold. As it happened, they weren't all that readily available back then so all I had were dreams. I tried to recreate them myself but still wished for a convenient way to get my peanut butter/chocolate fix.

How do these two things go together? Well, lately I've been seeing Reese's products everywhere. Whenever I find that I want to shop my feelings, I buy something peanut-buttery. I am doing quite well in my weight-loss journey and peanut butter doesn't fit really well within my diet plan, so they are just sitting in the cupboard. (Well, occasionally I will have 7 Reese's pieces as a treat. Why 7? I just like that number). I've amassed quite a collection.

How long do Reese's products keep, do you think?


  1. Wow! I have never tried these - we don't have the in Australia but I know I would love the combination of chocolate and peanut butter!

  2. Hi Marcellina, I'm in Australia too - try your local IGA!!

  3. They don't keep at all, you should definitely let me eat them all for you! ;)

    Nigella (of course) has a peanut butter cups recipe, although I didn't totally love it. I found the sugar in it too coarse but maybe that's because I used regular brown sugar because I don't know what muscovado sugar is or where to get it.

  4. Hi Claire! I've tried Nigella's peanut butter cups too. My problem was texture - they were so sandy and crumbly! Much easier to buy the real thing

  5. Hey there! if you like peanut butter + chocolate then you will lurve this gorgeous cupcake recipe I tried from Annie's Eats:
    It's guaranteed to please!

  6. Thanks Clare, those cupcakes look amazing!