Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Kitchen Time on 7Two

I was so excited when I discovered Channel 7Two's Kitchen Time. Kitchen Time was a block of four or five cooking shows back to back in the afternoons. In fact, I first started watching during my Christmas leave and we had to buy and DVD recorder so I could tape it when I went back to work.

The Martha Stewart Show would kick things off, then you might have a show from Ainsley then one from Nick Nairn and then something from Rick Stein. It was a great variety and the lineup changed every day.

When I had some time off in the beginning of October I noticed that Kitchen Time wasn't as spectacular as it used to be. Martha still kicked things off, but the show that followed wasn't familiar to me, neither was the cook/chef presenting. There was only one or two shows after Martha, then Kitchen Time was interrupted by a repeat of whatever reality TV show was popular at the time.

I've just looked again, as I am home ill with a nasty cold, and now Martha is followed by half an hour of Emeril and that's it. Every day. Nothing but Martha and Emeril. My poor Kitchen Time. I will miss you...

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