Thursday, 13 January 2011

Queensland Floods

Queensland has been hit with a series of heavy floods which have effected 31 towns and over 200,000 people.  13 people have died (now the toll has increased to 14), with a number still missing.

Brisbane has also been heavily hit with estimates of 15,268 residential and commercial properties being affected and 12,000 homes completely submerged.  Roads are closed.  Electricity has been disconnected.  Places that I had visited no less than four days ago are now under water.

75% of Queensland has been declared a disaster zone.  It has been said that this is an area twice the size of Texas or five times the size of the United Kingdom or France and Germany combined.

We have been extremely lucky as our house is in a suburb that has not been directly affected and we are both dry and safe, but there are so many people who are not.  My heart goes out to them.

Queensland's Premier Anna Bligh has handled the situation admirably.  In fact, the state government, local councils, police and media outlets have done a wonderful job keeping people updated via the television, Twitter and Facebook. 

The damage bill is looking to be immense, in excess of AUD$10 billion. Unfortunately, true assessment of the damage can't be done until the floodwaters recede.

If you can help, please donate to the Queensland Government's flood relief appeal.  The details on how to donate can be found here.  So many people have lost everything, every little bit helps.

UPDATE: The death toll has increased to 15 and is expected to rise.


  1. The loss of life is the most dreadful fact of this disaster. It would be wonderful if all the missing were found alive. We can only hope and pray.

  2. That we can, Marcellina. I hope you aren't being affected where you are. Fingers crossed that cyclone doesn't form.