Friday, 17 February 2012

Random Eats

I would love to know more about how flavours work together and be able to have that "knack" to know what extra something a recipe needs to make it taste good.  I know that all it takes is practice, but the control freak in me has trouble being that spontaneous.

Tonight was a little different, I worked a little bit later than usual and when I got home I wanted something easy.  I'd been reading blogs on the bus on the way home and a blogger had made a sauce from miso, peanut flour and water.  I know I wanted something saucy and coconut flavoured, so I thought I could try making a miso peanut flour sauce with coconut milk.  Makes sense, right?

I don't know what made me decide to use prawns.  I had to smother my inner foodie while I bought some frozen, pre-cooked, pre-shelled prawn meat.  Sometimes I'm all about convenience and when I'm buying seafood from a supermarket I'm probably far better off buying frozen.

Originally, I was thinking of a bowl of rice noodles, prawns, kale and a creamy sauce.  When I got home, my desire to clean the fridge changed my mind and the base of my creamy sauce became some onion, zucchini, capsicum, eggplant and carrot.  The sauce was made of 1 teaspoon soy free chickpea miso from Blue Mountains Miso, 3 teaspoons peanut flour, 1 tsp coconut aminos and enough water to make a paste.  I mixed the paste with some coconut milk and a lovely creamy vegetable bowl was born.

After dinner I felt like some dessert, but I've been trying really hard to fight my sugar cravings which are starting to come back now that I've let my good habits I developed during my detox slip a little.  I couldn't fight the urge entirely, and made an embarrassingly satisfying dessert by melting together some chocolate coconut butter with unsweetened almond milk and adding a sprinkle of sea salt.  In other words, I had a spoonful of nut butter.  I don't know just how well it fitted into my sugar free aspirations, but it was very satisfying.

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  1. Great stuff here. 1st time poster, but long time reader --- keep up the good work!