Sunday, 30 June 2013

Burger Urge 10th Birthday Celebrations

Ten years ago, Burger Urge opened the doors on its restaurant in Fortitude Valley.  Since then, they've opened five stores and franchised another and they are going from strength to strength!

Burger Urge owners Sean and Colby Carthew chose to celebrate this momentous occasion by introducing a new menu, including four new burgers, buffalo wings and onion rings.  Sean and Colby brought on four Brisbane chefs to help them come up with new sauces and sides (including an amazing Hickory smoked BBQ sauce) and perfecting their beef patties.

D and I were invited to help Burger Urge celebrate and to taste the new offerings.

First up, we had the spicy Buffalo wings.  You can choose between the special hot sauce or the smoked BBQ marinade.  I loved the BBQ marinade (I could eat a bucketful of those wings) but D liked the hot sauce covered wings with the tzatziki marinade.  Without the dipping sauce, the hot sauce definitely brought the spice!

Next up was a trio of deep fried goodness: sweet potato fries, regular fries and tempura onion rings with a garlic mayonnaise and something which we can't remember.  The fries were reliably good but were overshadowed by the awesomeness that was the onion rings.

Then we had the burgers:

One of the other guests was also gluten free, so we were able to split two of the new burgers.  Above, on a gluten free bun, is the New Yorker on the left (crispy bacon, pickles, smoky BBQ sauce, lettuce, tomato and usually American style cheese) and the Spicy Lamb BBQ on the right (Hickory smoked BBQ sauce, jalapeños, lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise and usually American style cheese).  They very kindly removed the dairy from my burger, but I was told that the cheese really makes the New Yorker.

D chose to try the Arabian, a lamb patty with capsicum, Moroccan spiced yoghurt, lettuce, tomato, onion  and mayonnaise.  He also managed to sneak a taste of another guest's Moroccan Garden (homemade vegetable patty, roasted red capsicum, Moroccan spiced yoghurt, chilli sauce, mayonnaise, lettuce and tomato).

Between the two of us, we managed to try all four burgers (due to my dietary restrictions, I wasn't able to try the Arabian or the Moroccan Garden).  We are agreed: our favourite was the New Yorker.  Everything worked so well and the pickles - hardly a new idea in burgers, I know - added so much.  D only tried my New Yorker (minus cheese and with a gluten free bun) and still rated it.

We finished off the meal with some icy cold Delizia treats, notwithstanding that it was freezing that night!    

Sean and Colby spent hundreds of hours in the kitchen developing this new menu and it definitely wasn't time wasted.  We'll definitely be back for another New Yorker in the very near future.

We were guests of Burger Urge and Publicity Depot for this event.

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  1. That looks an sounds really good! I've been in brisbane and few months and have yet to try this place but I definitely will look into it now. Nice to find another brisbane blogger :)