Thursday, 19 July 2007

Marsala chicken

I bought a bottle of marsala after reading many a Nigella Lawson cookbook. I have used it here and there, but only recently decided to make something with a more pronounced flavour.

I made Marsala Muscovado Custard from How to Eat the other night. I was my first attempt at custard - I took the easy way out and made a baked one. I did forget to add sugar though and not just once, but twice! I managed to catch my mistake with the white sugar and I added it before I put the custard in the oven, but by the time I realised I'd forgotten the muscovado, it was too late.

In the end I found it to be sweet enough, so it was a happy consequence!

Tonight's dinner was an Easy Chicken Marsala.

It looked beautiful cooking in the pan.

All that was needed was to make steamed vegetables on the side (none for my darling dearest) and some roasted potatoes.


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