Saturday, 4 August 2007

Blissfully satiated.

I have never seen a show by Sandra Lee, but I've read numerous less-than-complimentary comments about her "semi-homemade" style of cooking. Shun me if you will, but as far as I can tell the above plate was "semi-homemade" and I loved every bite of it, and I'm now sitting here typing with a replete smile on my face...

We went shopping at a big Coles today, and they had the most lovely looking pre-garliced prawns in their little prepackaged fish section (there are a lot of "pre"s happening here, have you noticed?). I love seafood, but DD hates it, but today I defiantly put a tray of prawns in the trolley. The rice is You'll Love Coles frozen Thai flavoured Ready Rice, which I never knew existed - but now, where have you been all my life? I am one of those people who always either forgets to put the rice on before I start the rest of meal so then everything is waiting while the rice cooks or I just completely forget about the rice altogether OR I'll be having a low-carb meal and DD wants rice and I'll forget (again). So there is always instant rice somewhere in the pantry. And this is much nicer and in much smaller portions. Awesome.

When we got home I threw the garlic prawns in the pan and sautéd them lightly and put the rice in the microwave for 2 minutes and then it was ready to plate. It was spectacular. Love love love!!!! (PS: see my new plate???)

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