Thursday, 9 August 2007

Sad news

My beautiful baby boy passed away on Tuesday after 2 days at the vet with a paralysis tick and a lung infection. Chuckie came into our lives when we rescued him from an animal refuge when he was about a year old (they didn't know exactly - his previous owners didn't care). His previous owners has neglected and mistreated him, and he was a timid and scared little thing. So much so that he became too distressed when the shelter put him in with normal sized dogs, so they had to put him in the Jack Russell cage. While he lived with us though (about 7 years), he lost his timidity - so much so he became quite cocky and cheeky. He was convinced he ruled the roost at home, and he was almost right. He was a little spoiled ;-) But we loved him. So much. He was everything you could ever want in a dog and more. I'll miss you my Chuckie.

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