Saturday, 18 August 2007

Food Experiments

I've been putting off posting because I didn't want to move Chucky from the top spot, but I know he'll understand: to a dog, food is very important.

I have been cooking even if I haven't been posting, so there are few catchup posts in the works that will be coming up soon.

I mentioned our trip to the big supermarket before, I also bought a big bunch of nice looking asparagus. I've never had asparagus before, and it seems to be popping up in a lot of places. I found out it was in season here (which is an awesome website) and decided to give it a go. Of course, then my biggest problem was deciding what to cook with it, but I went for the classic choice of wrapping it in proscuitto and grilling it.

I honestly can't remember which recipe I ended up using. I know I was going to use one of Giada's, but then there were two different ones on and another that I found on Recipezaar. Anyway, it involved first boiling the asparagus in salted water, then wrapping it in proscuitto, seasoning it with oil and salt and pepper and then grilling it until the proscuitto goes crispy.
mmm blurry

It was very nice, but too salty. Next time I won't season the water so I can have more control over the saltiness. I even tried it with some parmesan grated over.

Next experiment was thanks to Michael Smith and his Chef at Home show. I was watching an episode where he made a Watermelon and Basil Salad. I have seen something like this made before (I think it was on one of Jamie Oliver's shows) and I was curious about how it would work, so I gave it a try.

It wasn't bad. It was quite an interesting taste, and I couldn't picture it being part of a meal. I ate quite a bit of it after I made it, but I did end up throwing the rest away. I think I prefer being a purist with my watermelon.

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