Sunday, 7 October 2007

Lazy lazy

I haven't updated for a while because we've been moving (bleh) and then starting to unpack (bleh - and there's still boxes everywhere!) and most of the food I've been cooking has been stuff from Recipezaar. I was thinking though that even Recipezaar recipes should warrant their own post, because some of them have been so awesome.

This blurry little plate is called Funky Chicken with Sesame Noodles and I gave it a try because it had heaps of good reviews. It was pretty good. The sesame dressing coats the noodles perfectly and it's just a subtle sesame taste, although I did cut down on the amount of sesame oil and sesame seeds I added.

The chicken is marinated in a lovely marinade with soy sauce, teriyaki sauce, garlic, brown sugar and ginger and then lightly sauteed. It was really lovely.

I went a bit Japanese the next night, with Crisp Panko Chicken Cutlets with Tonkatsu Sauce. These were also really well received, everyone loved them. The panko just adds this really lovely flavour to the chicken, and the tonkatsu - wow! It was the perfect consistency and it had the nicest bite to it. The only thing that would stop me from making this again is that it took ages. It took ages to crumb the chicken and then it took ages to fry the chicken. I only have a small pan and it will only fit about four pieces in it without overcrowding, and there were at least 30 pieces. I felt like I was in the kitchen all night. I really enjoyed it though, but next time I won't make as many. I had used 3 full chicken fillets which I cut into little escalopes, but that was too much. We didn't eat it all that night, it doesn't reheat well, so I won't do that many again.

There is no picture for this one because it was even blurrier than the funky chicken picture, so I'm leaving it out.

The last recipe of this series was Chicken and Pasta in White Wine Garlic Sauce. This came about because I had chicken and pasta for dinner, but didn't know what to do with it. So, I searched chicken and pasta and found this one.

It was chicken, water, white wine, a can of diced tomatoes, some oil, some onion, some oregano, thyme, rosemary, basil, a bayleaf and some garlic simmered together for about 15 minutes and then served over linguine. Easy!

This dish had potential, but I found that 1 cup of white wine just gave this overpowering wine taste to it. I loved the consistency of the sauce and the chicken turned out beautifully. Next time I'll cut down on the wine and add some chicken stock instead.

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