Saturday, 23 February 2008

Goodies from today's Farmers Market and The Deli Bulimba

Today was another Jan Power's Farmers Markets at the Powerhouse in New Farm. It seemed to be quite difficult to get to them this week, I have hurt my back rather severely and find walking (among most other things) really painful, DD had a sore throat and felt fluey, we planned to go early (at 6:15) to try and beat the predicted 36 degree heat and DD found it hard to wake up after a late night AND the council have closed off most of New Farm Park due to trees dropping limbs so parking there is quite a commodity. I love these markets though, and despite everything, we were going. So I gave DD some cold and flu tablets, and off we went.

Despite the early hour, the markets were packed. According to the lovely lady manning the Auswana coffee stall, eager market-goers were arriving while they were setting up at 4:30!!! Along with the people were all the dogs. The markets end right next to the dog park and it's a beautiful dog-friendly place, so there are always lots of dogs around. DD and I would love to get a dog (except we rent) and we love to see all the different breeds.

Unfortunately, I was too excited to take note of the names of most of the stalls I visited, but they were all top quality. We bought some more lovely petits fours, below is a sample - double chocolate, gluten free chocolate and passionfruit. I also bought some beautiful organic free range eggs. These eggs are the heaviest eggs I have ever seen! I can't wait to boil one and have it with some lightly toasted sourdough soldiers.

I finally found (or noticed) the Gympie Farm stall. I must have walked past it countless times and just never made the connection between it and the butter I wanted to try. They had their famous butter, some cheese and chocolate croissonts. I bought some luxurious unsalted butter mainly for baking, but after tasting some, I wish I had bought a tub of salted butter for eating too. I also want to try their crème fraîche, but I forgot while I was there, so it will have to wait until next time. It was at this stage that my bag got too heavy for me to carry, so DD nicely volunteered to take it off my hands.

Next up was the Pasta Riviera stall, where we bought some roast beef, red wine and caramelised onion ravioli and some spicy arrabiata pasta sauce (I know that "spicy arrabiata" is a bit redundant, but that's what it said on the packet!). These were put to good use in tonight's dinner (see top) and were absolutely divine.

The pasta also took a pretty good picture. I was quite proud. I'm getting to a point with my photography that the photos that make me proud are getting more and more frequent. I really need to get a nice background so you don't have to keep looking at my kitchen table or my chopping board.

My final purchase was from my favourite herb stall. For anyone who knows the Farmers Markets, he is the one on the corner opposite the seafood trailer. He has the most beautiful bunches of fresh herbs and leafy greens and most are only $2.50 for huge bunches. DD let me take in $10 and I came back with some wonderful fresh basil (which garnished our pasta tonight) and some sage, coriander and oregano.

Somewhere along the way I also picked up a packet of black sesame seeds. I had placed an order with Herbie's Spices earlier in the week and had to take the black sesame seeds out of the order because I was only allowed to spend a certain amount. I have found a wonderful recipe for soba noodles that I've been taking to work for lunches and I've been wanting some black sesame seeds to toss through, so I was very excited to see some at the markets.

After all this it was 7:45 and starting to get very hot and sweaty so it was time to go home.

I hadn't had quite enough of food yet, however, so a little bit later I dragged DD out to check out the latest offering from The New Farm Deli - The Deli Bulimba. The Deli Bulimba doesn't have a dining section like its New Farm and Mt Gravatt cousins, just a shop front that offers coffee. I don't go for the coffee though, I go for the deli. Inside it is smaller than New Farm, but it's more open and airy with the gourmet pantry goods on shelves along the wall rather the in aisles like in New Farm. Along the other side of the shop is the deli. One half deli meats and the other half full of glorious cheeses. Many things caught my eye, but I did restrain myself (that $20 block of Callebaut couverture chocolate was extremely tempting) and only bought some YEA crème fraîche and some feta marinated in roasted garlic and herbs.

What a way to start the day - a market breakfast. My beautiful organic free range eggs soft boiled, some white sourdough toast from The Flour Shop spready with Gympie Farm butter.

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