Saturday, 23 February 2008

Desperately seeking salt

I've been to quite a few delis and gourmet food shops recently. I've picked up some delightful things (like the above truffle salt), but haven't been able to find a particular kind of kosher salt I've become addicted to. I have been using David's kosher salt which I normally buy from Pennisi Cuisine, but Pennisi's don't have it now.

So I appeal to the foodies of Brisbane. Has anyone seen David's kosher salt???

December 2008 Update:

It appears that the salt fairies heard my pleas, and you can find David's Kosher Salt at Pennisi's at Woolloongabba and at the IGA at Westfield Carindale. I'm sure there's more places too, but I stocked up and don't need salt for a long time.

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