Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Why can't our butter come in sticks?

I am conversion-challenged. I am terrible when it comes to making conversions, and I can't do any of them in my head (apart from inches to centimetres, but that's a different story). So I really rely heavily on my trusty favourite conversion website by World Wide Metric.

It didn't help me today while I was cooking a recipe from America's Test Kitchen which had me doing lots of strange things with 2 sticks of butter. I learned that 2 sticks of butter was 16 tablespoons, which was a nice useful fact, but I'm no better at measuring tablespoons of butter as I am at converting stuff.

Thanks to Google, I found the website: O Chef and their handy guide on How to measure butter and margarine. It has an excellent table which was quite handy when my recipe told me to take 2 tsp of my 2 sticks and do one thing and do something else with the other 14 tsp.

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