Friday, 21 March 2008


Tonight I was a little bored. I was tired, my back hurt and I was randomly clicking links trying to find something to read. I ended up at Pinky's blog The Poison Doughnut. I love her blog, every time I go there I discover something new, and I love finding out about all the food stores and delis and places I never knew existed in Brisbane.

Tom's Confectionery Warehouse is a huge shed full of of chocolate, lollies and pretty much anything that has sugar in it. There's plenty of sugar free stuff too, though. Their website claims that they are the largest range of lollies, confectionery, chocolates, gift baskets, Easter eggs and Christmas sweets, and I don't doubt it. It was awesome, with things I hadn't seen for years and others I'd never seen before. The Poison Doughnut post about Tom's can be found here.

Tom's is open 24 hours a day until Easter Sunday (normally they are open from 8am to 9pm), so DD and I figured that what better to cure my boredom than a spontaneous trip to candyland? At 6:30pm on Good Friday, this was the carpark:

When we left about 40 minutes later, it was even busier. There were heaps of people there! We are by ourselves this Easter, and I am fairly picky about my chocolate so DD and I weren't really going to do the egg thing. However, this place did do well in persuading me to change my mind.

Our stash can be seen above. It was only $30 too!!

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  1. Thanks for the kind words.....I enjoy your blog too. Its like you do all the stuff that I haven't done but I'm still interested in finding out about it. Yay for food blogging!