Monday, 24 March 2008

Whisk wars

Nigella whisk (back), $2 whisk (front)

I'm still trying to justify paying $20 for another one of Nigella's cream whisks after a quite exhausting (though obviously not exhaustive) search through the internet and in kitchenware stores throughout Brisbane and then finding them in Wheel and Barrow for $2 after I had ordered the expensive one.

Well, today I think I found something!

The $2 whisk's wire coils are not fixed to the base, meaning that the coils tend to move around and bunch up to one side of the whisk. Nigella's, on the other hand, is fixed, so the coils stay put.


(I won't mention the propensity for the Nigella whisk to be too top heavy and fall out of bowls if they are not deep enough and fling whatever you happen to be mixing all over the kitchen bench, because the $2 whisk doesn't do that, and it really annoys me whenever it happens)

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