Sunday, 2 March 2008


My mum has just been for a flying visit, coming down just for the weekend. While we did take her out for dinner one night, we made dinner at home yesterday and whipped up some laksa.

Mum had found a recipe in a food magazine but I don't think we followed it.

For a great (although not very authentic - there were a lot of vegetables) laksa, all you need is:

chicken breast
laksa paste
light coconut milk
chicken stock cube
boiling water
1 tbs tomato paste
spring onions, chopped
carrots, julienned
snow peas, cut into thirds
bok choy, chopped
bean sprouts
coriander, chopped
red chilli, chopped
rice noodles, rehydrated in boiling water and then drained well
lime wedges, to serve

Brown the chicken breasts with some of the laksa paste until just cooked through. Remove from pan.

Add the spring onions, carrots and laksa paste to the pan and cook until softened slightly. Add coconut milk and tomato paste (more for colour than flavour). Let it simmer for a little bit until carrot cooks through. Add the coriander, snow peas, bok choy stalks and chicken and let the flavours infuse.

Add rice noodles to bowls then top with some boy choy leaves and bean sprouts (I like to keep them crunchy) and then spoon the laksa over the top. Sprinkle with more coriander, some chopped chilli and serve with lime wedges and crusty bread.

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