Sunday, 2 March 2008


Yesterday Pennisi's Cuisine in Woolloongabba had a celebration of Italian food, the name of which I have embarrassingly forgotten. They had some wonderful Italian opera (courtesy of one gentlemen with the most beautiful voice) and an array of lovely Italian fare to taste. There was some pecorino cheese, a pasta salad with olives and a few other things I can't remember, some cream filled biscuits, some San Pellegrino mineral water and these fabulous pastries known as bigné.

It was fantastic to see how many people turned out for a visit, I'm so glad it was successful and I hope they do it again. In fact, there were so many people wandering around their relatively small store that DD decided it was too crowded and chose to wait in the car. He wouldn't even try any of the food!

I fell in love with the pastries, which are exceeding simple to make, as the choux pastry shell comes pre-made and you can buy it from Pennisi's. All you need is your pastry shells, some fresh creamy ricotta and some sugar and the rest is up to you. I chose to copy the ones I had yesterday and added some vanilla and chocolate chips.

Simply mix your ricotta until smooth, add in sugar to taste and then stir in your extras. Fill the pastry cases and enjoy!

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