Sunday, 13 April 2008

New Farm Deli

I've been wanting to visit the New Farm Deli for a couple of years now, but I have never actually made it there. DD remembered this and planned for us to go for breakfast this weekend, and even though I constantly forgot we were going he never tried to back out of it.

I've read a lot about The Deli, and all of the reviews are good. We've even visited its newest location at Bulimba, however going to the original deli was definately worth the wait. I ordered their eggs benedict with their own hollandaise sauce and DD ordered a simple ham and eggs with tomato and onion.

The food arrived quickly, in fact I think DD spent longer in the line waiting to order. The only criticism is that we received our food well before our coffee. The staff were friendly and polite and you can see just how many of their customers are regulars by the barista frequently welcoming customers by name.

My eggs benedict was a delight. The eggs were perfectly cooked too! I love my eggs benedict with the eggs just cooked, so that I can cut into the yolk and have it's orangey ooze mix into my hollandaise, but it's very rare that I get to do that. The eggs sat daintily on top of two pieces of ciabatta, which was interesting to me as the inside of the ciabatta tended to get quite soggy, but the crust remained very crispy. I'm not sure that I liked that as I hate soggy bread, but I did enjoy the dish. I think my preference is still very lightly toasted Turkish bread for my eggs benedict. It was also served with bacon and rocket, and I think the rocket was lightly dressed. This might have contributed to my soggy ciabatta interior. The holladaise sauce was lovely and creamy and had a distinct lemon flavour that went really well with the rocket.

I have to admit that I was too busy enjoying my own breakfast to ask about DD's, but he said afterwards that he really enjoyed the visit and would like to go again, so it must have been good!

We also ordered a cappucino and hot chocolate, both of which were devine. The meal was quite cheap too, it was about $40 in total. This is about $10 cheaper than our last visit to the Coffee Club, where we placed an almost identical order and the quality of both the ingredients and the presentation were far superior at The Deli.

After breakfast we wandered through their massive range of gourmet ingredients. I wanted to purchase a $16.50 sachet of ground vanilla beans and most of their cheese, but I restrained myself.

As an added bonus to our breakfast treat, we realised that the Jan Powers Farmers Markets were on this weekend. Thanks to the five Saturdays in March, we were a week out and thought that we had missed it last weekend because of our trip to Sydney. We were much later than we normally are when we visit the markets and DD was reluctant to try and find a park and battle all the people, but he quite happily agreed to drop me off and drive around the carpark while I went in to pick up some necessities. Isn't he lovely?

The New Farm Deli and Cafe
900 Brunswick St
New Farm
Ph 07 3358 2634

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