Friday, 16 May 2008

Burger Urge

DD was having a craving for a Chimi's burger the other night so we wandered off to the Valley for dinner. Unfortunately for DD, Chimi's is closed on Sundays. He was still enthusiastic about a burger, so we decided to try a burger from Burger Urge. When we were searching for the best burgers in Brisbane this was another one of the most commonly recommended.

We all chose to order a cheeseburger: prime ground beef, cheddar cheese, salad and relish. We also got a side of sweet potato fries. DD loved the sweet potato fries from Chimi's and was very happy to see that he could get some here as well. Although we were boring with our burger selection, Burger Urge also offer a quite inventive range of beef, chicken, lamb and vegetarian burgers.

The burgers are quite large, but not as large as Chimi's. The salad was nice a fresh, but the cheese was sadly non-existent. Well, that was how it tasted. DD opened his up to remove the tomato and I saw cheese, but there was no sign of it in flavour. The relish was pretty tame as well. It felt like I was eating a dry patty with salad. I was disappointed, but they were so busy while we were waiting. I think that we might have been better off in ordering a fancier burger like everyone else seemed to be doing. The more gourmet options were definately the popular option.

I have decided that I really should not watch my food being prepared anymore, because I will never eat out again. While we were waiting I was treated to the sight of one of the staff taking an order and handling money then turning around and plunging both hands into a tub of lettuce and then assembling and patting our burgers. She did this three times. Sometimes I am too squeamish for my own good, I think.

The meat patty was quite nice. It was good quality mince and it wasn't fatty at all. I think that if we had ordered differently we would have been very impressed with the burgers. If what you want is a basic burger though, then I would recommend Chimi's over Burger Urge.

Burger Urge
542 Brunswick St
New Farm
Ph 3254 1655

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