Thursday, 15 May 2008

Breakfast at Cafe XS, Carindale

Looking for a fast, quality breakfast (or meal) at a fantastic price during a tiring shopping trip? Try Cafe XS. We have walked passed this little cafe so often and it's always busy. On Mother's Day, Mum and I stopped in to see why.

The first thing that struck us was how cheap everything was. Most meals were less than $12. Our breakfast of eggs benedict and a hot chocolate (me) and a steak sandwich and a cappucino (Mum) was only $28. A similar breakfast we had at the Coffee Club was almost twice that at $50.

The service and the quality was definately not reflective of the cheap prices. Our food was delivered quickly and all staff were lovely and friendly. Our meals were delicious, well presented and cooked to perfection.

I didn't get to try Mum's steak sandwich, but she said it was lovely. I thought it was quite funny that she chose another steak meal (she didn't want eggs) after having steak two nights in a row, but she enjoyed it.

My eggs benedict was wonderful. Two poached eggs with runny yolks served on lightly toasted Turkish bread (my favourite bread base for an eggs benedict) with just the right amount of ham and the best hollandaise sauce I have had for a long time. The hollandaise had an amazingly subtle flavour that really brought out the flavours of the eggs and ham. It was not overly strong and it really just emphasised the other flavours rather than having another flavour fighting for dominance. It made the dish really light, rather than the heavy meal it can sometimes be.

The coffee and hot chocolate are really good too. DD was ill on Mother's Day so he didn't get to come out, but I will definately bring him back to try it.

Store 1088a Westfield Carindale
1151 Creek Road
Ph 3395 0725

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